Houston Streetball, East vs West, 1st anniversary. The Recap !!!

Today to celebrate Houston Streetball 1st birthday. We had our first annual All Star game. It was cold at Charlton today but nothing that  couldn’t be handled, 55 degrees with a little bit of sun.  I stayed up late last night spray painting scrimmage vests to be used for the game.  I woke up early and headed to Charlton about 11am, at that particular time, nobody had showed up and I was thinking to myself “If nobody shows up, I’m quitting this”… for a lot of time and effort went into planning this for nobody to show,  as I was getting down from the car, Jeremy Moreau greeted me and helped me unpack.

Chris Uno, blindfold free throw champion.

Our first competition of the day was the blind fold free throw contest.  Earlier in the year, Rudy Ortega had won the trophy but since he wasn’t available to defend his title, a new winner was crowned and that was Chris ” Uno” Fance hitting 4 out of 5 free throws blindfolded.

Skills champ

The second contest of the day was our skills challenge.   The previous winner was Phil Ethridge but he was a no show and thus a new winner would emerge victorious. Contests had to throw three successful chest passes through a tire, shoot a free throw, and weave along 4 cones and come back with a layup.  Over 20 people participated and it was a close race between Courtney Cash and Tony with both participants going into a second round, in the end Tony edged out Cash by the slimmest of margins taking home the trophy.

Issac White aka Sir Issac winning the 3pt contest

The contest that everyone wanted to play in was the three point contest as everyone wants to have bragging rights as to who is the best shooter among the Houston Streetball group. We had 5 stations and each contestant had 2 shots + 1 money ball in each station, each shot counted for 1pt and the money ball counted for 2 pts.  The reigning champion was Courtney Cash and he was on hand to defend his trophy however perhaps the cold played a factor and went out without putting much of a challenge.   The eventual champion was Sir Issac.

1st place: Issac White
2nd place: Frank Mar
3rd place: Alexander Cheek IV

After all the contests were finished, we had our All Star game.   We had a voting previously a few days ago online to determine who would represent the West and who would represent the East.  A couple of nominees didn’t show but the show must always go on. East All Stars donned the blue scrimmage vest with Sir Issac, Chris Uno, Terry Turner, Adrian Konfusion Mack, and Courtney Cash starting.  West All stars in red were represented by Kyren Peacock, Edward Larkins, Mike Johnson, Chance Mire,  and Jermaine Allen.  4 quarters with 8 minutes each were played using pro-am rules.  East AllStars took an 8 point lead before the half but in the second half West team came back in the 3rd quarter and actually took a 2 pt lead.  Game was back and forth and in the very two final minutes one of the west players was fouled and went to the line, however he missed 2 clutch free throws that could of given them the lead since the score was tied at 60-60.  East had the next possession and Terry Turner threw a pump fake at the three point line that caused Kyren Peacock to foul him making him go to the free throw line for 3 shot attempts.  Terry hit two out of three and they were up 62 to 60 with about 15 seconds left. West tried to get ball in quickly but lost time when East fouled intentionally as they took the ball half way.  With one final inbound to tie the game, West tried their best to put a shot up but a red player got a rebound and traveled.  East went on to the win the game 62 to 60.  Sir Issac had the highest score of the blue team and had an impressive alley oop to claim the MVP Award.

Sir Issac with the MVP trophy and 3pt trophy.

Stats for the game.

East Allstars
Issac White – 27 pts,  9 FG (2pt), 2 FG (3pt), 3 FTs.
Terry Turner – 14pts, 6 FG (2pt),2 FTs.
Chris Uno – 9 pts, 3 FG (2pt), 1 FG (3pt)
Adrian Mack – 8 pts, 4 FG (2pt)
Devante Anderson – 4pts, 1 FG (2pt), 1 FG (3pt)
Deshawn Smith – N/A
Alexander Cheeks – N/A

West Allstars
Kyren Peacock – 18pts, 7 FG (2pt), 1 FG (3pt), 1 FT
Edward Larkins – 17pts, 7 FG (2pt), 3 FT
Mike Johnson – 13pts, 5 FG (2pt), 1 FG (3pt)
Chance Mire – 6pts, 2 FG (2pt), 2 FT
Lil Murder – 4pts, 2 FG (2pt)
Jermaine Allen – 2pts, 1 FG (2pt)